Let’s talk about sex!

Both food and sex are fundamental part of our life. There are many similarity between the two, ie both given us pleasurable feelings, but at the same time can give us diseases if we do it wrongly. Both can happen alone, in pairs or in group; make us feel sleepy afterward. However, the main difference is, we can see food shows all the time on television, many magazines teaches people how to cook and various good food guide. But when it comes to sex, it is all very secretive and people are assumed to know what to do.
In my daily work, I am surprised by the lack of knowledge in many people regarding sex, such as how to use condom properly, information on sexually transmitted infection (STI) or even how to have sex.
This series of articles intends to provide some down to earth information everybody should know about sex, coving over condom use, HIV and STD, Sexual relationship and some myths about sex.
A few days ago a patient came in for consultation and he was so worried about HIV. With further enquiring why he was so worried. He said he had causal sex with someone but at the end he could not found the condom. He later found it in the bed. He was not sure if it fell off during sex or when he pull out. Similar situation had happen in many others.

I have done a survey on how people use condom. We have set out 10 steps which should be taken when using a condo. Most people got 5-6 correct and some of the important steps are mentioned rarely. I think this is a goof opportunity to revise these steps, so everyone get to know what should be done.

Step 1: Check the air in the pack
This step is important to check it the seal of the pack is intact and the pack has not been punctured.
Step 2: Check the expiry date
The latex can become more fragile if it has been stored for too long.
Step 3: Open from the side
Don’t open the pack at the middle as it may cause minor damage to the latex
Step 4: Hold the tip to remove air from the sperm reservoir
Step 5: Roll down with the rim outside all the way to the base
Step 6: Change condom after oral sex
Step 7: Hold the base when pull out to make sure the condom comes out
Step 8: To remove the condom, use a piece of tissue to take it off
Step 9: Check for any breakage
Step 10: Dispose directly into a bin with the tissue

Make sure you remember and practice.