Many clients asked for a "body check" thinking it's just a simple blood test. In reality, the matter is much more complicated-- a battery of blood tests including the so called "tumour markers" do not help making a diagnosis and in many cases, only create more confusion.
I believe that a "body check" should be tailored made according to the client's age, gender, personal and family history. A young, healthy individual may not need any test at all!
There are also screening tests and procedures that everyone, after having reached certain age, should undergo. Procedures like colonoscopy, mammogram and gynaecology examination(pap smear) aim to look for pre-malignant conditions and hence avoid development of genuine cancers.
For more specific or high-risk conditions, other tests may be called for. For instances, smokers should consider imaging of lungs (chest X-ray or computed tomography) and cardiac work-up. Chronic hepatitis carrier should undergo bi-annual blood tests (liver function and alpha-fetoprotein) and imaging of the liver (ultrasonogram or computer tomography). The list is not exhaustive and you should discuss with your clinician about your specific needs.
Remember, don't wait for symptoms to appear!

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