According to the statistics from Department of Health, there are 72.3 million international journeys recorded among Hong Kong citizens and the figure is expected to be higher in these recent years. There were around 3.5 million international trips were made and half of them to the less developed countries. However, it is worrying that there are around 80 % of travellers did not search for any travel health information before their departures. Without a good preparation for travelling, travel related health problems during or after travel are reported from 7- 41% of our residents (1) .

To enjoy your holiday thoroughly, it is important for you to get well prepared.
Here is the information about the vaccination you may need when you are travelling to the following Asian countries :
Vaccination Reminder for travelling in Asian countries

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Some of the vaccines are only available and offered by the Department of Health. For more details and information, you can visit the website of Travel Health Service, Department of Health:

TopDoc wishes you have a enjoyable holiday with good health!