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智慧齒,專業角度來講就是人們的第三隻臼齒,生長在最遠端的牙齒,也是最後一顆生長出來的牙齒,通常在17﹣ 25 歲的年齡間生長出來。 阻生智慧齒產生的問題: - 蛀牙及牙周病 :阻生智慧齒經常僅生長出一小部份,與第二隻臼齒產生一個三角形的空間,這個空間非常難清潔,經常有嵌塞食物的困擾,導致蛀牙或牙周病。 - 冠周炎:即牙冠周圍組織發炎,其原因亦是由於智慧齒難以清潔,加上上頜牙齒咬到智齒周圍的牙肉組織導致牙肉發炎。冠周炎如果嚴重可能會將感染帶到其他軟組織,導致面部腫脹。 什麼時候需要拔除智慧齒? - 如智慧齒完全埋在牙槽骨,或者智慧齒生長位置正常,建議定期進行口腔檢查,按情況而定。 - 如曾患冠周炎或者因智慧齒而導致面部腫脹感染,建議儘快拔除以絕後患。 - 如智慧齒有蛀牙或者因智慧齒而導致第二臼齒蛀牙,也需要拔除。 手術風險: 通常拔除阻生智慧齒,特別是下頜智慧齒,需要涉及小手術。小手術的風險包括傷口感染,術後腫痛,以及傷及下齒槽神經線與舌側神經線。拔除智慧齒之前,需與牙科醫生溝通,衡量拔除智慧齒的利弊,再慎重做決定。

Building Stronger Relationships: Reconnecting With Your Partner

Building Stronger Relationships:  Reconnecting With Your Partner
By Lori Chau Individual and Couples Relationship Counsellor Do you feel that your relationship has shifted recently? Are you feeling a “blockage” in connecting with your partner? How can you reconnect better with him or her and strengthen that bond between the two of you again? 1. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY Putting aside a little bit of time

TopDoc's Elderly Care Campaign: Lesson nº7: Preventing Senior Falls.

Falling is very dangerous for elderly people. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in every three adults age 65 and older falls each year, which can lead to serious injuries, or even death. Injuries such as hip fractures and head traumas are also common in Hong Kong with 4,500 cases happening every year*. That in turn causes more

TopDoc's Elderly Care Campaign: Lesson nº6: The use of Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme

In an attempt to enhance the primary care for the elderly, 2009 saw the introduction of the Elderly Healthcare Voucher Scheme. The interim review conducted during the second half of 2010 showed that the pilot program offered with $250.00 was widely acknowledged but with perhaps a lower than preferred adoption rate. The most telling of the facts are that only


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