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Dr. LEONARD YUEN - Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor)

Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor)
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island
Dr. LEONARD YUEN geo-location of clinic location: Room 1309, 13/F Kornhill Plaza Office Tower, 1 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong (Tel 31010001)
Consultation Fee: $900.00 - $1200.00

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MBBS (London) / 英國倫敦大學內外全科學士
MRCOphth (UK) / 英國皇家眼科醫學院院員
MPH (Harvard) / 美國哈佛大學公共衛生學碩士
FRCSEd (Ophth) / 愛丁堡皇家外科醫學院院士
FCOphth (HK) / 香港眼科醫學院院士
FHKAM (Ophth) / 香港醫學專科學院院士(眼科)
Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor (CUHK) / 香港中文大學眼科系榮譽臨床助理教授


Careful History / 病史詢問
Detailed Eye Examination / 詳細眼科檢查
Vision Check and Refraction / 視力檢查和折射
Various Diagnostic Imaging / 各種影像診斷
Cataract Surgery / 白內障手術(小切口超聲乳化術)
Complex Cataract Surgery / 複雜白內障手術
Corneal Transplantation Surgery / 角膜移植手術
Laser Therapeutic Treatment / 激光治療
Laser Refractive Surgery / 激光屈光手術
Eyelid Surgery / 雙眼皮手術
Lacrimal Surgery / 淚腺手術
Glaucoma Surgery / 青光眼手術
Comprehensive Eye Surgery / 綜合眼科手術
Intraocular Injectable Therapies / 眼內注射療法
LASIK / SMILE Refractive Surgery 激光屈光矯視手術 / SMILE 微笑矯視手術


Reviews for Dr. LEONARD YUEN

  • "" Dr. Paul C., on 28 Jan 2016

    I am an 81-year-old American who lives most of the year in Boston but spends about
    3 months annually in Hong Kong. In March 2015 I had cataract surgery in Boston
    for my left eye, but experienced some problems afterwards, mainly blurring and
    occasional double vision. A friend in Hong Kong strongly recommended that I see
    Dr. Leonard Yuen, a highly regarded young eye surgeon he knew. I went to see Dr.
    Yuen, who, after a careful examination of the left eye told me I had an astigmatism in
    that eye (which was more noticeable after cataract surgery), which he could easily correct with LASIK surgery - a procedure which would take only 5-10 minutes, be painless, and almost certainly fix the problem.

    Since I didn’t know anything about astigmatisms, he explained to me very carefully what they were and how they often contributed to the sorts of problems I had been experiencing. I made an appointment to have the LASIK surgery. It went very well, Dr. Yuen phoned me that evening to see how I was doing and examined me the next morning. He said the surgery was completely successful, and a week later I had a new lens made for my glasses. Within days after the changed prescription, everything worked fine. No blurring, no double vision. Problem resolved.

    I’ve gone into such detail because my case reflects very well not only on Dr. Yuen’s
    skills as an eye surgeon, but also on his intelligence and, equally important, his
    careful and clear explanation of what LASIK surgery was all about and why he had
    recommended it for me. I have also had occasion recently to hear Dr. Yuen give a
    public talk. It was a general talk on the eye for an audience of mostly older folks. He
    covered all the most commonly encountered problems and was marvelously poised,
    articulate, and engaging. All present appreciated the clarity with which he
    addressed a topic that was of wide interest to most in the audience.

  • "Wonderful Doctor! Highly Recommended!" Miss. Lana L., on 28 Jan 2016

    It is with great appreciation that I write my gratitude for the outstanding care and kindness Dr Leonard Yuen has provided while treating both my daughter Lana and myself at his clinic.

    With top professional skills and knowledge he helped us to overcome symptoms of severe hemorrhagic conjunctivitis in a short period of time.

    We were amazed how we were always greeted with a smile and genuine warmth, and even when he pronounced our full names correctly, which happens extremely rarely out of our home country Serbia!

    We are so lucky to have him as our eye doctor here in Hong Kong!

    Our experience with you, Dr. Leonard Yuen, is nothing but great.

    Thank you so much!

    Best regards,
    M and L Laković

  • "對白內障手術的體會" , on 19 Feb 2017



  • "Laser Surgery~~" Kai Y., on 23 Feb 2017

    After doing the surgery of laser for my eyes, I can see clearly around me now without any glasses or cons. I extremely excited on it because I don't really love wearing those accessories.

    Also,I was so appreciated to Dr. Yuen either before the surgery or after it since he always give me great suggestion and support even during the surgery.

    Therefore, I wants to say that I am so glad that I took my brother's advise to find him as my doctor!

    Thank you Dr Leonard Yuen ^^

  • "Excellent eye doctor" , on 31 Aug 2017

    Dr Yuen is a thoroughly professional and knowledgeable doctor with excellent bed-side manner. He communicates with ease and is honest about the treatment options and risks involved in any procedure. I had a silky smooth LASIK operation and only wish I had done it sooner. Thank you!

  • "Thanks so much Dr.yuen " , on 15 Jan 2018

    所以2017年就的起心肝去搵做Smile 矯視的資料,網絡上嘅資料唔多,意外地喺呢度搵到源醫生,睇過好多病人好好詳細嘅評語,就決定交俾源醫生幫我做手術。
    有時我都忘記咗自己已經唔需要戴眼鏡,多謝源醫生!我會極力推薦想要做Smile 矯視嘅人搵源醫生!

  • "Cataract surgery most successful" , on 17 Jan 2018

    I was recommended to consult Dr Yuen by a friend whose cataract surgery he had undertaken. Turned out to be an excellent choice. I have worn spectacles or contact lenses since I was 8 (for 62 years). Very short sighted with astigmatism in both eyes. Not any more. 2weeks after the operations I have excellent sight (long, middle and short) in both eyes and have no need for spectacles. I know it is not a miracle; it is the result of highly competent surgery. But it feels miraculous. On a personal level Dr Yuen is approachable, patient, kind and humorous and he takes care and time to explain. At least in my experience his time keeping is very much better than I have experienced in other private specialist clinics in HK. He has clinics in both Central and Kowloon. I preferred the Central clinic which is less crowded and the staff's standard of English is higher. But staff general courtesy and competence are good in both clinics.

  • "" , on 23 Jan 2018

    I was fortunate to set up an appointment with Dr. Yuen after returning from a trip which I encountered eye irritation and swelling on my left eye. His team was helpful and immediately arranged an appointment for me even though his schedule was full.
    The waiting time was short and I was treated very efficiently with the doctor patiently asking me questions and explaining to me the problem with the left eye. It was a minor problem and handled responsibly and patiently. Dr. Yuen also followed up with a call the next day to enquire if there were any reaction with the medication.
    I truly appreciate the efficiency and the responsiveness of the doctor and his team. Thoughtful follow up to make sure I was on track to recovery without any complications.

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(Graves’ disease); • a family history of eye disease; • excess tearing; • eyelid abnormalities;

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