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Dr. LEONARD YUEN - Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor)

Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor)
白內障, 角膜移植手術
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong Island
Dr. LEONARD YUEN geo-location of clinic location: 1308, 13/F Kornhill Plaza Office Tower, 1 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong (Tel : 3188 3028)
Consultation Fee: $900.00 - $1200.00

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MBBS (London) / 英國倫敦大學內外全科學士
MRCOphth (UK) / 英國皇家眼科醫學院院員
MPH (Harvard) / 美國哈佛大學公共衛生學碩士
FRCSEd (Ophth) / 愛丁堡皇家外科醫學院院士
FCOphth (HK) / 香港眼科醫學院院士
FHKAM (Ophth) / 香港醫學專科學院院士(眼科)


Careful History / 病史詢問
Detailed Eye Examination / 詳細眼科檢查
Vision Check and Refraction / 視力檢查和折射
Various Diagnostic Imaging / 各種影像診斷
Cataract Surgery / 白內障手術(小切口超聲乳化術)
Complex Cataract Surgery / 複雜白內障手術
Corneal Transplantation Surgery / 角膜移植手術
Laser Therapeutic Treatment / 激光治療
Laser Refractive Surgery / 激光屈光手術
Eyelid Surgery / 雙眼皮手術
Lacrimal Surgery / 淚腺手術
Glaucoma Surgery / 青光眼手術
Comprehensive Eye Surgery / 綜合眼科手術
Intraocular Injectable Therapies / 眼內注射療法
LASIK / SMILE Refractive Surgery 激光屈光矯視手術 / SMILE 微笑矯視手術


Reviews for Dr. LEONARD YUEN

  • "Cutting Edge, Very qualified, Harvard graduate, Eye Doctor~~" Crys H., on 24 Jul 2015

    I've rarely met such an impressive doctor, very clear on his explanations.
    I'm also convinced he is very ethical!

  • "Brilliant, Trustworthy and Experienced Eye Doctor", on 29 Jul 2015

    My mother went to see Dr Yuen for Macular Degeneration for second opinion. After patiently hearing out her case, Dr Yuen gave various suggestions with rationale and supporting evidence, laying out the pro's and con's of each alternative, and providing clear answers to all our questions (which were rather sophisticated / complex, given that we have seen several other doctors already). He was confident in his views but also respectful of the previous doctors' diagnoses, and explained their rationale even better than how they themselves communicated it. I would certainly recommend Dr Yuen to all my friends and family members.

  • "Impressive, Knowledgeable and Trustworthy Doctor", on 11 Aug 2015

    I went to see Dr. Yuen for an eye check-up. I had Lasik 10 years ago, and was concerned about weaker eye vision and seeing spots. Clinic was close to the TST MRT stop and easy to get to from Central - but will probably go to his office in Central next time.

    Dr. Yuen was great. I didn't have to wait too long for my appointment. He has very good bedside manners. Unlike past doctors who only gave a brief explanation after the checkup, Dr. Yuen explained what he was doing and looking for as we went through the examination. I was completely at ease as he answered questions before I even had to ask. Walked me through what to expect at my age, what to look out for, showed me the pictures he took and what my conditions were. Am so impressed that I am writing a review about him since it was hard to find recommendations for a good eye doctor in Hong Kong!

  • "A thoughtful, caring and very intelligent doctor - who understands children" Margaret P., on 29 Aug 2015

    My five year old daughter had an issue with one eye, so I called Dr Yuen's office, and was given an appointment for the very next morning. We walked into his office (very easy to get to and find) and the staff greeted us, and immediately gave my daughter the preliminary eye exam. Then we got to see Dr. Yuen. My daughter is quite shy, and reluctant with most doctors. Dr. Yuen's easy going and respectful manner put her at ease at once. She trusted him, which meant she was able to fully cooperate with the eye examination - something that can be difficult for young children. He also identified what the likely problem was immediately, and showed us a photo of what was going on, and took care of it on the spot. He then prescribed some medicine to expedite her recovery, but didn't over-prescibe and load us up with a lot of unnecessary meds and tests. We scheduled a follow up visit to make sure there was nothing more to her problem. There wasn't . He is very thorough, very smart, very caring, very patient , and extremely competent. He listens well and answers all questions (even ones posed by curious little girls) comprehensively. I am very appreciative of his treatment and I really felt we were in good hands. On top of that - he has inspired my child - she now says she wants to become an eye doctor for children!

  • "A happy experience" Miss. Anna H., on 8 Sep 2015

    I had a Lasik enhancement operation and was 100% satisfied with both the process and the result. Dr. Yuen was very attentive before and after the operation, and the operation itself was done within the expected time and all went smoothly. The next day inspection found the result was perfect. A very good experience overall.

  • "Great appointment, very attentive and clear in explanation" Mrs. Junlin Z., on 13 Jan 2016

    We scheduled for an appointment first thing in the morning as my partner had a cornea abrasion. Dr Yuen was very nice and asked us all the details as well as explained to us how did it come about, the severity, what he is looking for in his check up (which was thorough) and things to keep in mind looking forward. His staff were nice and attentive as well, and we felt like we were in good hands.

    The practice is very clean and hygienic and the place overall is very easy to find (google maps).

    I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Yuen to anyone who has an eye injury or needs consultation.

  • "Incredibly professional. Genuine care." Lavina S., on 15 Jan 2016

    I was struggling with incredibly dry eyes to the point where I could not stand to wear contacts as they would fall out and I wanted to find some form of solution. I saw two different doctors that I was not happy with and then I fond Dr. Yuen. He was incredibly professional and offered me a long term solution for my dry eyes. When I asked for Lasik, he gave the the alternative for SMILE which was more beneficial due to my dry eyes. He also did not rush into surgery, ensuring that I had taken the prior steps long enough to ensure that my eyes were in the best condition possible for successful surgery with no side effects. As well as showing genuine concern, Dr.Yuen was very communicative about the procedure of SMILE, the condition of my eyes and he gave me all the information I could have possibly wanted to feel well informed and confident. When waiting in the office the wait was never too long and Dr. Yuen was very attentive. Before my SMILE procedure, I was very anxious and he made sure to sit down and explain everything as well as talk me through the surgery which made the experience much better. I definitely would recommend him to anyone looking for a good ophthalmologist.

  • "Very impressive" Dr. Sandra H., on 22 Jan 2016

    I saw Dr. Yuen for a second opinion regarding an iol implant that had not fulfilled expectations that were promised by another practitioner.
    I was very impressed by his bedside manner and knowledge. He took a very long time to explain my situation and all different treatment options.

  • "Now I can see clearly now... why did I procrastinate?" , on 26 May 2016

    I had cataracts and the vision was very blurry. It was impacting my work and my lifestyle and I was nervous about having any surgery done on my eyes. After surgery, I now have the same eyesight that I did when I was in my 20's... I'm 58 now. I no longer need glasses to work in a high pressured, high tech office environment. Dr Yuen was very professional, calm and has a lovely reassuring manner. He and the team of Angel, Elice and Elanie really looked after me. I highly recommend Dr Leonard Yuen and having the refractive eye surgery (replacing the lens in the eyes), I wish I had it done earlier. I might get glasses for some really detailed but I don't really need them anymore.

  • "Very qualified Eye Doctor with a great personality" , on 19 Oct 2017

    Dr Yuen and his team did a fantastic job getting me through SMILE surgery. I went to see him end of last year and he explained to me in detail the different treatments that are available to correct my eye sight incl. pros & cons for each methodology.

    In the end I decided to give SMILE a try as before surgery I struggled with dry eyes a little bit. After signing up I did some online research about the surgery and nearly changed my mind but eventually decided to go ahead.

    Dr. Yuen talked me calmly through every single step of the procedure and helped me relax. His after surgery care was excellent and thanks to him I am back to 20/20 vision. If I had to go through the surgery again Dr Yuen would be my first choice as under his care I wouldn't have to worry.

    In addition the whole team at HK Laster Eye is very professional and nice throughout the whole process but also afterwards. They do understand the stress the surgery puts on patients and do their best to calm everyone's mind.

  • "A terrific experience" , on 27 Nov 2017

    A big thank you to Dr. Yuen.

    I really appreciate the professional service provided by Dr. Leonard Yuen and his staff during my Cataract Surgery.

    I got cataract removed from both eyes and the whole procedure was flawlessly executed by Dr. Yuen.

    After 36 years of corrective lenses, it is incredible to see the world same as when I was 17 years old.

    When I was faced with a choice to select a doctor from USA, Shanghai or Honk Kong, looking at Dr. Yuen’s medical credential, I made a choice to go ahead with his care.

    I would like to applaud you for your excellent surgical skills and thank you for the compassionate and professional pre-operative and post-operative attention I received while in your care.

    I am also indebted to your top-notch medical staff that played a tremendous role in the preliminary consultations, optical measurements, and follow-up healthcare. If I have to do it all over again, I will choose Dr. Yuen again.

    Thank You.

  • "Lasek " , on 8 May 2018

    Dr Yuen is a very friendly and professional doctor. He was very quick and patient with me during my LASEK surgery even thought I was very anxious. I felt no pain during the surgery at all!

  • "Great with Children" , on 15 Jan 2019

    Dr Yuen looked at my son's eye after he had an accident at school. A small piece of wood flew into his eye and Dr Yuen and his clinic looked after my son very well. They managed to remove the foreign object from his eye painlessly and then checked his eye in detail. He had a scratched cornea and he put us at ease that this was nothing serious in our case. We were seen to efficiently and quickly and he was attentive and answered all our questions. We were all very happy.

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Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor)?

An ophthalmologist –is a medical or osteopathic doctor who specializes in eye and vision care. Ophthalmologists are specially trained to provide the full spectrum of eye care, from prescribing glasses and contact lenses to complex and delicate eye surgery. Many ophthalmologists are also involved in scientific research into the causes and cures for eye diseases and vision problems. How is an ophthalmologist different from an optometrist and an optician? Ophthalmologists are different from optometrists and opticians in their training and in what they can diagnose and treat. As a medical doctor, an ophthalmologist is licensed to practice medicine and surgery. An ophthalmologist diagnoses and treats all eye diseases, performs eye surgery and prescribes and fits eyeglasses and contact lenses. While all ophthalmologists specialize in eye problems and can treat all conditions, some decide to specialize in a specific area of medical or surgical eye care. This person is called a subspecialist. He or she usually completes a fellowship, which is one or two more years of additional training in the chosen area. Common areas of subspecialty include glaucoma, retina, cornea, pediatrics and plastic surgery. When should I see an ophthalmologist? You should have your eyes examined by an ophthalmologist if you have any of these signs or risk factors for eye disease: • decreased vision, even if temporary; • distorted vision; • new floaters (black “strings” or specks in
the vision) and/or flashes of light; • a curtain or veil blocking vision; • haloes (colored circles around lights); • an eye injury or eye pain; • red eye; • bulging of one or both eyes; • misaligned eyes; • double vision; • loss of peripheral (side) vision; • high blood pressure • diabetes mellitus; • AIDS; • thyroid disease-related eye problems
(Graves’ disease); • a family history of eye disease; • excess tearing; • eyelid abnormalities;

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