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TopDoc took part of the First-Ever Wantrepreneur Talk at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on 13 November 2015. The talk attracted a number of young people who are curious about setting up a startup. They showed passion, determination, ambition and drive!

Guest Speakers:

  • Irene Chu, Partner, Technology, media & telecommunications, Head of High Growth Technology & Innovation
  • Steve Monaghan, Head of Edge, AIA Group
  • Christelle Ho, Our Founder and Executive Officer

TopDoc speaking at HKUST

What patients say about TopDoc?

I use TopDoc because it's convenient to book an appointment online. The GP I saw, was professional, caring, quiet and nice. It’s a convenient and easy to use platform.

- by Ziv To, Patient

Patient recommendation of TopDoc

Hello, I got injured in my eyes with a racket. I was looking for a quickest appointment to specialist to get my eye checked. I couldn’t wait too long because my occupation was relying on it. A friend of mine recommended me to check website. I did and got my specialist appointment right away. I received an excellent service with experienced and reliable doctor. What I liked from this website is the exhaustive list of specialists, their rating, address, website and price list. This was another helpful tool to get a good idea about whom to call.

- by Clarence Oliver, Patient

Patient recommendation of TopDoc

What doctors say about TopDoc?

More than Just a Doctor Directory.

There are many doctor directories in the around. But TopDoc stands out from the rest. Apart from listing of doctors, it has listing for other health professionals such as counsellors, psychologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors etc which comes in handy without going through various directories. It is an easy system to use. It has an online appointment system that links to individual clinic system for easy access. It also serves as a platform for health knowledge exchange among health professionals and with it regular posting of articles by various health professionals, it also provide a venue for patients to find the latest health information. The TopDoc team has also been very helpful in training us how to use it and meticulous on the accuracy of details.

Dr Francois Fong

Doctor recommendation of TopDoc
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