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A paediatrician is a doctor who provides specialist medical care to infants, children and adolescents. To become a paediatrician, doctors must do an extra years of training after they finish their medical degree. There are general paediatricians and specialist paediatricians such as paediatric cardiologists, gastroenterologists, developmental experts, etc. Some work in the country, some in private practice in the metropolitan area and some in hospitals. ▪ Many common childhood illnesses can be managed well by your family doctor. ▪ If you think your child needs to see a paediatrician, visit your family doctor and discuss your concerns with them first. They will assess your child and make a referral to an appropriate paediatrician. ▪ You can also see a paediatrician without a referral from your family doctor. However, if you visit a specialist doctor without a referral you will not get a refund from Medicare - you will need to pay the full costs yourself. ▪ If you have had a paediatrician recommended to you by family or friends, discuss this with your family doctor. Physiotherapists help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. They maintain health for people of all ages, helping patients to manage pain and prevent disease. The profession helps to encourage development and facilitate recovery, enabling people to stay in work while helping them to remain independent for as long as possible.

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  • Paediatrician (Doctor for Children)
  • Rm 1008 Argyle Centre Phase I 688 Nathan Road Kowloon, Jordan, Kowloon
  • Fee: $350.00 - $350.00
  • Chin Wan Fong
  • Paediatrician (Doctor for Children)
  • Room 908, Hang Shing Building, 363 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Jordan
  • Fee: $800.00 - $800.00
  • Chi Sik Chan
  • Paediatrician (Doctor for Children)
  • Room 1504, Hang Shing Building, 363 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Jordan
  • Fee: $180.00 - $450.00
  • Dr. Claire Lau
  • Paediatrician (Doctor for Children)
  • Room 1411, 14th Floor, Champion Building, 301-309 Nathan Road, Jordan, Kowloon
  • Fee: $300.00 - $2000.00
  • Daniel Chiu Cheung Shing
  • Paediatrician (Doctor for Children)
  • Room 709 Champion Building301-9 Nathan RoadKowloon, Jordan
  • Fee: $520.00 - $1000.00
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